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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 2, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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less than 24 hours from kickoff, we're live in new orleans, with players and fans getting ready for super bowl xlvii. >> and new information about a missing teenager, found dead in a fairfield park. what we've learned from police, neighbors, and witnesses. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken private. we begin tonight with the super bowl bound san francisco 49ers with. one day until the big game, the team appears as ready as ever. players today were surrounded by family and friends as they took to the field in new orleans for one final walk through before kickoff against the baltimore ravens. players are not the only ones getting ready for game day. from the bay area, to new orleans. football fans spent the day finalizing their super bowl
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plans. we have live team coverage, ktvu alley rasmus tells us how fans in the bay area are preparing but we begin with ken wayne live in the big easy with the last-minute rush to see the big game in person. >> reporter: you can see the giant roman numerals set up here that people can stop by and take pictures of. a lot of people are out here having a good time and enjoying live music going on. not all of these people are going to be able to go to the actual game. in fact, if you want a ticket, there is still time to get one, but those tickets are going fast. some say the big easy got its nickname because it is an easy town to make a buck. but getting a super bowl ticket the day before the big game is not so easy. >> i had a pocketful of cash but i would much rather do it with a legitimate ticket broker and know i'm getting a real ticket than some of the counterfeits that are out there. >> reporter: mark made a last- minute decision to fly from the bay area to new orleans. without a super bowl ticket, he
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hit canal street looking to score. >> i think it is $1500 a piece. >> reporter: he found a ticket broker in the new orleans tourism office and yes tickets are still available. >> anything better? >> the highest point last week. get in for been $2300. this week, the tickets are the lowest price point at $1250. and it went up to $1450 by the end of the day and up to $1600 this morning. the ravens fans scored last- minute tickets at price. >> we spent the kid's inheritance. >> how much? >> $10,000. a lot. >> and in the end $2300 for a single ticket. >> we have a good seat and i'm going to the super bowl. yeah! >> reporter: the face value on the ticket that dell monica bought was 1200. he paid about $2,300. he had budgeted about $2,500. so he is pretty happy with the budget that he got. this particular ticket broker where he bought that ticket,
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this afternoon, said, they had about 600 tickets left, for tomorrow's game. here it is. super bowl eve. in new orleans. live in new orleans, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks. ken. our super bowl coverage continues now with ktvu alley rasmus live in san francisco, where some businesses share their game plan for tomorrow's big game. >> reporter: we're at the restaurant on fillmore, they  have the liquor shelves fully stocked. all of these tvs tuned in to the big game tomorrow and the manager went out and bought 20 extra pitchers to accommodate the beer drinkers expected. one of many businesses across the city planning for big crowds tomorrow. slicing up slabs of meat to fill customers' belly, the butcher got an early start this morning. >> we were here at 4:00, getting ready for. this so hopefully we will have a good day. >> reporter: they expect to sell 1500 pounds of meat this super bowl weekend. 20% more than usual.
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>> and tomorrow we will do a big group of fried chicken and wings. >> we have the good old san francisco 49ers balloon and a couple more in there. >> having our little get- together, about 15, 20 people maybe. i'm just excited for this game. the niners have not been in the super bowl for so long. >> nanszy was one of party hosts shopping at the party host on host today. >> balloons and festive. beading. all the stuff. a lot of fun. >> and anything red and gold, we have, it is selling out. >> reporter: managers here say business is double their usual super bowl weekend sales. all thanks to the niners. >> since the niners have been there it is a flood of people coming in. >> reporter: they will be catering to fans hoping to party away from home and all hands on deck in the kitchen tomorrow. >> we have double the delivery drivers. double the staffing. we are just going to serve the guests the best of our ability and hope the niners bring it home for us. >> reporter: this restaurant doesn't take reservations so
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the manager expects people to be here right when they hope at 10:30 tomorrow. and start staking out a spot in front of the tables in front of the giant projection tv in the back. live in san francisco, alley rasmus, ktvu channel 2. san francisco police say they hope fans will do a better job of behaving themselves after the super bowl than they did following the giants world series victory. today, on mornings on 2, police chief greg sur says his agency is better prepared. >> twice as many officers than there were for the world series and they're going to be in the streets, welcoming you, the first person you will say woo- woo to will be a san francisco police officer. >> reporter: the chief says the city is taking preventive measures like working with garbage collectors to make sure trash is picked up early. to keep people from setting bonfires in the street. like they did after the world series. the chief joined the san francisco mayor ed lee and fire chief joanne hayes white, in this public service announcement. in it, they call on 49ers fans
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to support the team, by respecting the city. and they also say bad behavior will not be tolerated. meantime, just about everywhere you look in san francisco, there are signs of 49ers pride. a number of landmarks have lit up red and gold tonight. a live look now at the embarcadero center towers all dressed up in the niner colors. >> and be sure to stay with ktvu channel 2 after this newscast for our battle on the bayou, super bowl special. >> join ken wayne and mark ibanez and joe fonzy and former 49ers bubba paris, live in new orleans as the niners and the ravens get ready to face off. and tomorrow, remember to switch to 2, right after the game. for a live local post-game show. 49ers corner back chris culver meantime says he is reaching out to the trevor project. in the wake of his controversial anti-gay comments. in a statement today, culver says he is seeking guidance and education from the group. and the 24-year-old player says
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he wants to take the opportunity to learn and grow as a person. the l.a.-based trevor project provides crisis counseling for lgbt youth. we're learning new information tonight about the death of a teenaged girl whose naked body was found in a fairfield park. ktvu john sasaki was at that park today with how people came forward and reacted to what is for now a mysterious death. john? >> reporter: ken, just about a minute ago, a family of five came in and brought in candles, a stuffed animal, and some flowers here to this memorial for the young life that ended in this park early yesterday morning. all kinds of flowers. stuffed animals, balloon, for that 13-year-old girl whose body was found 50 yards away. >> it looks like a mannequin. it didn't look like a human body. >> reporter: eric may is says he was walking through the fairfield park when he saw the girl's body. >> the closer i got, the more real she looked. and it is like i got up to her
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and i'm like oh, my god that is a human being. or was a human being. >> reporter: he says he flagged down a passing police car and later gave investigators a dna sample. to rule me out and go after the people who did this thing. >> people have been bringing in mementos all day to honor the 13-year-old who ended up here naked and dead. >> it is just, for our neighborhood, too close to home. we live three blocks away. and sad. i hope they catch him. >> reporter: the girl was a foster child who attended green valley middle school. although she lived with a guardian in su sune city. >> it is scary. very scary. >> barones thompson's son was classmates with the girl. >> he hugged her every day. he has two classes with her. and rides the bus with her. >> and now she says he is devastated. and the girl was a student at green valley, it shocked people at the park. >> it is kind of weird. due hear stuff like this. -- you don't hear stuff like
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that. especially something like that. >> police have yet to release the girl's name or her cause of death. >> we havehad probably 30-plus investigators there all day this morning and probably through the weekend. >> and police tell me they have good leads and that they need more information from the public, if you have any of that, please call fairfield police department. live in fairfield, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. in oakland, a young man was shot to death, not far from where the first friday art murmur event was being held last night. the shooting happened on telegraph avenue near 23rd street just before 11:00 p.m. the tribune identified the victim as an 18-year-old from victim but the coroner's office could not confirm that for us. and police say three others were wounded including a 17- year-old boy and two women but their injuries were not life- threatening. also, in oakland, police are investigating a brazen atm robbery at a gas station this morning. they were told two men walked up to the counter of this chevron station at grand avenue
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and perkins near lake merit at about 3:00 this morning. one man asked the price of a candy bar. while the other looped his chain over the atm, and attached it to the bumper of his car, and then yanked it right off the wall. it is not clear how much money those robbers got away with. two east bay bart station were shut down for two hours while a bomb squad investigated a suspicious package. the package was noticed at about noon. the walnut creek bomb squad was called to check it out. bart closed the station and the richmond station, as a precaution. passengers took local buss to get around the closure until the bomb squad gave the all clear. >> the item that was the suspicious item, that is not explosive material. >> the stations reopened at about 2:30 this afternoon. police have arrested a driver in -- a driver suspected in a fatal cident happened abou 1:45 this morning on delta fair boulevard near summersville
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road. police say 28-year-old gerald massy of antioch hit a tree and then struck the pedestrian pinning the victim under the car. massy was injured and hospitalized. the victim's name has not been released. i want to thank you for taking care of our child. >> a pretty bizarre message to the man holding a 5-year-old autistic boy hostage. what we learned about him and the latest in this five-day standoff with the authorities. and how a first of its kind event in the east bay could help save the lives of student athletes. >> i'm still tracking some cloud cover out here across parts of the bay area. coming up, the one part of your super bowl sunday that will have some cloud cover. and when showers have a chance to resurface on the five-day forecast. >> also, a celebration of culture in the city. the tradition that brought thousands of people to san francisco today. that headband looks ridiculous.
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in a matter of seconds, this south bay power plant over san diego bay, we see it here, it came crumbling down this morning. crews used more than 300 pounds of dine night to enclose the structure -- dynamite to enclose the structure. it dates back to the 1950s. once crews hauled away the are dr debris and rubble, the site will be a city park. the site was shut down three years ago to prepare for the demolition. l.a. authorities say they are in constant communication with a man held with a a-year-old 5- year-old you a autistic boy in an underground bunker. jimmy lie dikes took the boy off a school bus after killing the driver and now authorities say he is taking care of the boy. >> he allowed us to provide
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coloring book, medication, toys. and i want to thank him for taking care of our child. >> neighbors say dikes is a dangerous man who threatened to shoot anyone who came near his property. one neighbor says he killed her dog last year. police in ankara turkey have released security video of the suicide bomber who attacked the u.s. embassy. the video showing the moments just before the explosion, etcheret stanley is seen walking to the embassy with what appears to be a delivery envelope. the terrorist group that claims responsibility for the bombing now calls him a martyr for the anti-american cause. the attack killed a security guard and injured a journalist. also in turkey today, police have arrested several people in connection with the disappearance and death of an american woman. the body of 33-year-old sorry sierra was found in istanbul today with stab wounds. sierra was an amateur photographer with a large following on instagram. she last contacted her family
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in new york on january 21 when she was scheduled to fly home. the family had been working with turkish authorities to find her. in his weekly address today, president obama called on congress to take a balanced approach on the deficit. to keep the u.s. economy on the upswing. >> for example, we need to lower the cost of health care and programs like medicare that are the biggest drivers of our deficit. without just passing the burden off to seniors. and these reforms must go hand in hand with eliminating excess spending in our tax code. >> the president said wealthy individuals and large corporations should not have access to tax look holes and deductions not available to average americans. the white house released this video of president obama skeet shooting in camp david and it was taken in august and it was answering skeptics to those who thought he didn't know how to shoot. a tennessee woman says he
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respects the sport of hunting. and democrats are pushing for tougher gun control legislation in congress. a first of its kind event in concord, today, was aimed at keeping student athletes healthy on the field and off. the volunteers from the medical center offered health screenings for students at delasalle high school. about 15 years ago, an athlete died of sudden heart failure during a basketball game. today 150 students got cardiac tests including ekg's all for free. >> because it is the right thing to do. everything in health care doesn't have to be by the standards established and we have resources and we have people willing to help. >> cardiologists reviewed each student's ekg to see if more tests need to be performed. organizers say they hope to bring this private program to other contra costa county schools. air quality managers called for another spare the air day today. the 10th so far this season.
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officials say smoke from fireplaces is a major cause of winter air pollution. so that means wood burning is banned tonight. unless it is the only source of heat. now, there is no spare the air alert scheduled for tomorrow. last year, we set a record with 15. >> turns out winter could be ending. sooner than we think. >> there is no shadow to see. an early spring -- >> everyone's favorite ground hog punxsutawney phil made the prediction early this morning. the critter was woken up just as the sun rose to a crowd anxiously awaiting his weather forecast, and he did not see his shadow this morning. according to ground hog day legend. no shadow means an early spring. >> let's hope so. let's check in now with our meteorologist, with much better forecasting of the weather than punxsutawney phil. >> thank you very much. i was looking at the accuracy. 39% for phil. >> so we take it with a grain of salt. >> we will be watching out for
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that. and today we cooled off across the entire bay area. 50s and 60s and fog and a big batch of high clouds. as far as temperatures from this afternoon, you can see they range from the mid-50s, in pacifica to the low to mid-60s, out toward livermore, and fairfield. and latest right now in the satellite, and the radar, some rain showers, in fact moving in to southern california. and here is the loop over the past few hours, and at least the cloud cover and some scattered rain pushing in to that part of the state. we just have that cloud cover out there, basically above 15 to 20,000 feet up above our heads. and we hill hold on to some of the overcast for tonight. and into your sunday morning. the current temperature, just updated, as you can see here, we're talking about 50s for napa and fairfield. and santa rosa, 43. novato already cooling off in the upper 40s. and san jose at last check reported 51. for tonight, partly cloudy. tomorrow, morning cloud cover. but skies, partly sunny skies by the afternoon hours. the extended, we could be talking about some showers, and
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also cooler temperatures. first thing sunday, some upper 30s out toward santa rosa and napa. san francisco, 48 degrees. san jose, 46. mostly cloudy skies. pockets of dense fog. especially showing up near parts of the coast and some of the inland valleys. also a concern is this, building swell. we do not have a high surf advisory, but the swell will be building into your sunday, and the waves on the order of 10 to 15 feet. the strong rip currents and also some bigger waves. the overall weather pattern, the area of low pressure is drifting to the south. tomorrow, super bowl sunday. fair skies in the afternoon hours. by monday, high pressure returns. it will set up a dry weather pattern. basically dry all this weekend. but morning cloud cover and some fog and at least near the shoreline and skies becoming partly sunny in the afternoon hours. the forecast model, showing the overcast, first thing sunday morning, and here we are sunday morning at 8:00. and into the afternoon hours, we scale back on the clouds,
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looking pretty good for the afternoon hours. the forecast high, these number, not a big change from today. it could be a little bit warmer. san jose will go 61. and half moon bay, 59. san mateo, right about 60. and here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, and you will notice this in the monday, fair sky, after patchy morning fog. and a few high clouds by tuesday. and partly cloudy skies on wednesday. and then we really cool things off, you will notice that by thursday. and we could be talking about some shower chances. not a big deal, by thursday. but we will be watching out for that and we could definitely use the rainfall and so far this year it is relatively quiet and you can catch up this month and into march as well. >> thanks. well, thousands of people came out today in san francisco. for a preview of what the chinese new year parade is expected to bring. this is a so-called mini parade in celebration of the year of the snake. and wowing its way down grand avenue. the st. mary's girls drum and bell chorus took part in the festivities and one of the
6:24 pm
group's organizers says she expects the year of the snake to bring some good fortune. >> no matter what year, you're the rat, you're the snake, you're the boar, you look for the good things. always good. >> the chinese new year parade is coming up on saturday, february 23. and we will carry it live, right here on ktvu channel 2. fred english joins us next with the disappointing hall of fame news for the 49ers fans. >> also, cycling for survival. why hundreds of people broke a sweat today, in san francisco.
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hundreds of people broke a sweat in san francisco today. for cancer research. it is all part of the third annual cycle for survival fundraiser. the nationwide indoor team cycling event has raised more than $23 million for rare cancer research. even actor danny glover took part in today's event. all right. always an exciting day when they make the announcement of who gets into the hall of fame but a little bit of a disappointment for 49ers. >> i thought this was a no- brainer. maybe i was just wishful thinking or something. but the 49ers got a presuper bowl jolt. former team owner eddie he did
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bartolo jr., who was in control during all five super bowl championships did not get elected into the hall of fame. and charles haily also came up short. now, at least larry allen got in his first year of eligibility. larry allen spent 12 of the 14 nfl seasons with dallas and did finish in san francisco in 2006 and 2007. and he said his goal every day, make the man in front of him quit. and warren sapp got the call to the hall. he was the 1999 defensive player of the year. and finished with oakland from 2004 to 2007. bill parcels who coached two super bowl seasons with the giants is in. joined by wide receiver chris cutter. and jonathan ogden and two players from the '60s and '70s, curly colt and dave robinson
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round out the lucky seven. adrian peterson was named the most valuable player by the associated press. rushed for 2019 yards. nine yards short of breaking the single season record. there was some question whether peterson was even playing after off-season major knee surgery. also peyton manning. the golden bear fans had a lot to celebrate, the men's basketball team beat oregon. allen crab picked up the garbage and properly disposes of it. cal though traveled oregon at half -- trailed oregon at half time. ducks led by two with 2:30 left in the game. another duck give away. another easy basket. cal beats the top 10 ranked team at home for the first time in seven years. justin cob pulls up. it is the jumper. cal wins it 58-54. they're just 5-4 in the pack 12. first place ducks, 7-2. coming up next, a battle on the bayou. wir live super bowl special


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